Heavy Duty Industrial floor PVC Tiles Interlocking

Item No. NM0900B
Description Heavy Duty Industrial floor PVC Tiles Interlocking
Dimensions Coin, 500 x 500 mm – 7.0 mm; 510 x 510 – 5.5 mm
Textured, 500 x 500 mm – 6.5 mm
Diamond, 510 x 510 mm – 5.5 mm
Colors white, black, dark gray, light gray, red, green, blue, yellow
Application garage, warehouse, labs, computer rooms, forklift working



1. Floor paints peel, which causes poor wear resistance and short service time.
2. Over-wearing floor results in poor load bearing. Then the production would be affected due to the ground shelling, raising dust, moisture or pollution, etc.​
3. The production would be shut down as floor renovation, which will affect the delivery time.

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A New Self-service Assembled PVC Floor can solve all these problems!

PVC garage floor

Environmental-Friendly/ Anti Static/ Pressureproof/ Bearing a 8-TON Forklift

Coming in several patterns and styles, PVC interlocking floor tiles are a modern flooring solution. The tough and flexible interlocking floor tiles were developed to provide an instant self laying floor surface, and have the feel of rubber, providing anti fatigue properties.

heavy duty industrial PVC tiles

Key Features

* Easy to install; can be disassembled and moved at any time, and repeatedly used.

* Heavy duty, suitable for forklifts, pallet trucks, cars, heavy goods vehicles and high-capacity pedestrians.

* Excellent durability, flexible, sound & shock absorption.

* Excellent safety & non-slip property, even in humid environments.

* Local damage and local replacement. Partial damage and Partial replacement.

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Comparisons between PVC tiles and others.

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Types of rubber flooring tiles, rolls & mats can satisfy your variety of applications in commercial, industrial and residential sectors.