1. Outdoor Playground & Indoor Gym

When it comes to children, it is necessary to keep their safety assured, especially when they are at play. With good performance of shock absorbent & non slip surface, rubber flooring tiles offer an excellent line of safety surfacing for playgrounds and gyms.

2. Parkways, Patios, Courtyards & Garages

The outdoor rubber tiles and pavers are the perfect alternative to standard tiles and cement ground for outdoor parks, pools, patios, and courtyards. Available in several colors and thicknesses, and are and more slip resistant when wet.

3. Airport, Subway, Workshops & Underground Parking

When traveling by bus, train, or ship, when working on platforms or labs, rubber sheet coverings allow you to stand comfortable and securely. And easy cleaning always keeps these areas clean.

4. Doormat, Kitchen, Bathroom, Any Wet and Slippery Areas

The raised surface design works hard to scrape shoes clean and provide for friction when wet. Non-slip surface patterns improve safety and cleanness.

5. Stables, Barns, Animal Husbandry Areas

Heavy duty pattern, 100% solid rubber mats with good wear properties. The embossing top surface is easily cleaned and grooved underside easy for drainage.