Anti-slip Rubber Mats with Holes

Item No. NM1100
Description Anti-slip Rubber Mats with Holes
Dimensions 1524 x 914 x 12 mm; 1500 x 900 x 11 mm; 1390 x 850 x 8 mm; 1640 x 1100 x 18 mm;  1500 x 1000 x 22 mm; 800 x 800 x 18 mm; 800 x 500 x 22 mm; 630 x 420 x 15 mm; 900 x 600 x 7 mm; 914 x 914 x 12 mm
Colors red, green, black, others available as requests
Material SBR or NR, can be customized by the requirements of oil proof, acid alkali, anti-static, insulation, inflaming retarding or other special materials
Applications doormat, kitchen, bathroom, barns, any wet and slippery areas 
Features non slip surface, easy to install and clean 

antislip rubber mats

For a non-slip and multi-purpose mat, look no further than this anti-slip rubber mat. With large drainage holes across its surface, this mat is ideal for areas that need to be clean as well as have oil resistance properties. 

The soft rubber compound is designed to provide comfort under foot and the hole pattern on the surface of the mat gives traction. Also, combined with its ani-fatigue qualities, makes it the ideal option for industrial kitchens, where chefs are standing for long periods of time.

kitchen mats

* This thick, heavy duty mat has done excellent work in kitchens, food processing plants, shower rooms, around swimming pools and behind bars.

* It is compounded to resist grease, oil, acids, and alkalies. 

* Slotted holes provide good drainage.

* This matting gives greater foot-ease and stability.

rubber mats with holes

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kitchen mats

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